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I'm yellow!
Find out why I'm yellow!

Technical Expertise

Web 2.0SM/3.0: An Investment in Productivity

Web Productivity is defined as the development of online methods to address customer needs and requirements in addition to streamlining your internal processes. With the advent of Web 2.0, web applications will continue to facilitate information sharing, will include a user-centered design and will enable more collaboration on the web. Some examples include:

  • Secure Web Portals (to allow quick and efficient exchange of documents and information)
  • Data Management (to manage, calculate/format and display data relevant to standards and/or goals)
  • Project Status Information (to inform clients/customers about the status of their project or product possibly through the use of images)
  • Workflow Status Information (to track internal systems in order to identify areas for improvement)
  • Business Intelligence (to enable customized analytics to Management Control Panels)

Is your current web site mobile compatible?

Navigation, web forms and other necessary components of your site may not function properly on today's smartphones & tablets. Let our compatibility experts provide you with a free 3-point mobile check-up. This quick check will alert you to the potential problem areas of your site. YellowFrog is always available to explore either creating a mobile version of your site or modifying your existing site to resolve any compatiblity issues.